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Prayer: Talking to God with Your Hands

Talking with people is important to us! We make sure that we can call others whenever we want. We also make sure people can reach us wherever we are. So if talking to people is easy and we do it all the time, why is it so hard to spend time talking with God?

    Why is it important to talk with God?

  • Know Him. Our God is A God that can be known and he created us to know him and as a result fall in love with him. We can say anything to him even our deepest secrets and talk to him as we would talk to a friend and as we do so alongside with his word we start to see life from his eyes
  • He answers. We can indeed talk to God and you have probably heard people say that you can talk to him, but also rememeber that as much as you talk to him you have to listen because he is a speaking God which means he answers.
  • Loves us through our prayers. God Loves to hear us pray, and this is out of his abundance grace. He loves to hear us come to him and rest with him because we were created to be him.
  • We Love him through prayer. As we pray and share our deepest secrets with him and lay our burdens we start to feel his peace and his joy. We continue to love him and understand that he will always be with us no matter the circumstance


Tsion Berhe

Hey!! My name is Tsion Berhe and I was born in Ethiopia. From a young age my family thought me how to be a true an authentic christian and follow of Christ. I decided to follow Jesus when i was a teenager and that was the best decision i made in my entire life. I am so passionate about serving the Lord's children. I started ministring at FTCC.f in 2021 and it has been such an honor bbeing here with God's precious children


Hey!! My name is Sara Kesete Kaleab. I grew up in Asmara and started going to church at an early age while being pulled by Gods love and grace. I officially accepted Jesus and was born again in 1991. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful young adult children. I have been serving at FTCC.f since 2021 and it is a joy and a privilege to serve God's children. Praise God. Jesus is Lord!